Swansea Training 


We organise training for selected swimmers at the 50m Wales National Pool in Swansea 6 times per year.  We hire 3 lanes of the pool for our exclusive use and each session is 2 hours long usually between 1pm and 3pm and are planned to match the ability of the swimmers.

As most of our long course meets (50m) are held in this pool this is an ideal opportunity to become accustomed to an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Once again the coaches provide the training free of charge but we do have to charge a fee to cover the cost of hiring the pool.  Travel to and from the pool is the responsibility of parents / guardians, but many swimmers organise lift sharing.

2020 Training Dates: all 13:00 - 15:00

4th January

22nd February

18th April

23rd May

20th June

18th July

19th September

10th October

7th November

5th December

Drinks such as squash and a small snack are allowed on poolside. For gold swimmers I recommend an energy drink. Other groups should bring water or squash.

Snacks such as a banana, energy bar, flapjack, fruit, breakfast bars and the like are fine. Anything with a high carbohydrate, low fat content is good.

Its worth noting swimmers are always hungry after a long session so plan for this too.


I advise arriving at least 30 minutes early so your swimmer can stretch after the long journey and have a pre session sandwich or something to keep them going for the next two hours.


There is a coffee shop and café in the leisure centre; and a swim equipment shop but this can be more expensive than buying online.


Swimmers to be changed and on poolside 15 minutes prior to each session for stretching. Only swimming kit bags/towels/snack boxes are to be brought onto the poolside, clothes/rucksacks should be in lockers in the changing villages. No one is to change on poolside or in the viewing area. 


Parents are more than welcome to watch from the spectator area free of charge. The pool is open so feel free to have a swim too, though you may be asked to prove you can actually swim by the pool staff as there are no shallow ends to this pool. 


Swimmers will require the following kit with them:

- Kick board

- Pull buoy

- Pull buoy

- Snorkel

- Fins

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