Mission Statement


Newtown Swimming Club seeks to promote swimming amongst boys and girls in Newtown and the surrounding area, by offering the best possible coaching in a friendly, enjoyable, affordable and high-achieving environment.


  • To promote the enjoyment of swimming as a healthy sport and as a 'skill for life' (swimming is the only sport which could potentially save your life!).

  • To promote competitive swimming as a sport for all with no restrictions as to age, gender, ability or race for participation.

  • To promote swimming an opportunities for group participation and lifelong friendship.

  • To offer opportunities for all members to develop their skills and abilities and to take part in competition.

  • To provide a pleasurable and successful learning environment which promotes the development of each swimmer to his/her own desired potential, whether it is at a local, regional or national level.

  • To promote an atmosphere of responsibility and team commitment in which team members have a healthy respect for themselves, their teammates, coaches and the team as a whole.

  • To develop a strong sense of sportsmanship which deals equally with success and disappointment; and in which team members have a healthy respect for opposing teams.

  • To develop a positive attitude and a strong work ethic which emphasises the values of determination, discipline, hard work and perseverance in achieving success.

  • To provide leadership and positive role models to younger swimmers.

  • To provide a professional quality coaching programme for all ages and abilities

  • And finally, to develop mutual understanding amongst parents, coaches and swimmers on the need for co-operation, self-motivation, respect and team spirit in the pursuit of excellence.

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